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Promotional items are great gifts, and different companies use them in different ways. Lets take a quick look at how broadcasters and Radio Stations use them.

Radio stations are constantly having promotions and handing out promotional items. Most of the promotional items handed out at these events are useless widgets that serve no purpose other than to have a place to print the call letters and frequency. By handing out useful promotional gifts your station will have a much higher rate of awareness, simply because your promotional handout will be used and seen more frequently.

Let's look at a few promotional gift ideas that might be of interest to you.

Screen Printed Earthenware Mugs

Almost two decades ago I was given a promotional mug by a radio station. I liked that mug and used it daily for the longest time. It has withstood hundreds of washings and all the print is still there. I still use it to this day and that station will never leave my memory, even though it has gone through 3 format and call letter changes since I was handed the promotional mug. What probably cost about a pound for them resulted in almost 20 years of advertising. Tip - It is worth noting that the print on screen printed earthenware and china mugs lasts longer than other printing methods such as transfer printing and dye-sublimation printing.

Well Chosen Promotional Pens

Your station will benefit by handing out promotional items that are not only useful but unique. You more than likely already use promotional pens, but are they the kind of pens that stand out among all other pens? Since the pen is one of the most popular promotional items many people have a drawer full of them, just sitting tucked away and serving no purpose. If your promotional pen is one that people will grab first when needed then you have done the right job of choosing it.

Tip - Smooth writing, good quality pens are a must but they should also offer something that is appealing to the eye. A special shaped clip. unique imprint design or a chrome nose cone are all things that can get your pens noticed and used.

Calendars Never Stopped Being Fashionable

Promotional desktop and wall calendars are very useful as a promotional item because most people are happy to receive a calendar. Many households will hang up more than one calendar, such as one for the kitchen, one for the office and one for the bedroom. Your promotional calendar will advertise your station daily for at least a year. Note - People often write notes on their calendars such a dates to remember and telephone numbers. Not only does this get them looking at your logo often but it often ensures your calendar stays on the wall well into the next year.

Radios - The Obvious Choice

Another great promotional gift that has a high rate of user retention is the promotional radio. Scan radios come in many different shapes, sizes and price brackets. You could offer executive style desktop radios as prizes. Low cost scan radios make great free giveaways.

Gifts for Online Listeners

Perhaps you have upgraded your service to include online listening. There are promotional gifts that work hand-in-hand with computer use, such as the promotional mouse pads, computer mice, keyboard and screen cleaners and USB hubs just to name a few.

Personally I love recommending mouse pads as gifts as they offer large print areas for printing whatever you desire to influence its user- your stations call letters and frequency, its web URL or even pictures of your most popular on-air personalities can all be printed. Now is a good time to take the next step and see all of the old favorites and exciting new promotional products available to you to really give your marketing a boost!

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